BOSS Portable Blender – 110 Volt


  • 110 V specifically for U.K, Europe, U.S.A. and Canada
  • Color: Twin Grey, Twin Black, Twin Blue, Twin Brown
  • Speed: Two Speed Setting
  • Power: 110 V.AC | 50 Hz | 180W
  • Motor Warranty: 2 years
  • Attachments: 3 Stainless Steel Blades, Chutney pot, Soup Jar and Wall- mounting Stand
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BOSS Big Boss Portable Blender is your ideal choice when it comes to regular, day-to-day blending jobs in the kitchen. The 180-Watt, 110V slim and elegant Blender comes with 3 Blades and a separate Chutney Attachment for dry /wet grinding. Additionally, this comes with a Soup Jar for blending and emulsifying liquids. With Wall-Mounting Stand, the blender can be hung on the wall, saving you precious space in the kitchen while always remaining at arm’s length. All in all, this is a boon for those who value time, power and convenience.

Stainless Steel Shaft: The Blender boasts of a slim and ergonomic design that will fit comfortably in the grip of your hands. Stainless Steel Shaft, will allow you to immerse the Portable Blender into a pan of hot food and it will then carry out its job despite the heat.

Speed Push Button: The 2-speed Variable Speed Push Button is a very handy feature that allows you to customize the speed according to your needs and preference.


Superior Stainless Steel Blades: This Blender comes with Stainless Steel Blades that make Chopping, Slicing and Dicing easy and fast. Super Sharp Blades grind & blend every little particle perfectly leading to grant you amazing blending results.

Chutney Attachment: BOSS Big Boss comes with a unique additional accessory. Highly durable and extremely strong Chutney Pot makes chutney-grinding process a lot easier.

Soup Jar: Soup Jar is perfect for keeping skins and pits out of your juices and helps preparing beverages without having to use a different utensil.

Wall-Mounting Stand: Wall-mounting Stand makes it easy to use, especially if you are handling it for the first time. It is lightweight and compact and takes less space on your kitchen shelf.

Additional information

Weight 1.43 kg

Black, Blue, Brown, Grey


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